Peartune vs. Speedbox: Compared

Are you tired of the speed limitations on your e-bike with a Shimano EP8 motor? If you’re craving a thrilling boost in velocity, it’s time to explore the exciting world of tuning kits! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the epic battle of Peartune versus Speedbox, two popular options that can unlock the full potential of your electric steed. Get ready for a turbocharged ride as we explore their features, advantages, and disadvantages!

Speed Limit Removal✔️✔️
Display AccuracySpeed and distance readings remain accurateSpeed and distance readings remain accurate
Versions3.0 (without Bluetooth), 4.0 (with Bluetooth)Regular, B (with Bluetooth)
InstallationEasy plug-in installation, no additional apps or batteries requiredEasy plug-in installation, no additional apps or batteries required
Smartphone AppPeartune 4.0 offers a smartphone app for tuning controlSpeedbox B offers a comprehensive smartphone app for tuning control and additional ride data
Customization OptionsAdjust speed limits, switch between km/h and mph, firmware updatesCustomize speed limits, activation methods, display modes, access detailed ride data
PriceSlightly lower price, especially for Peartune 3.0Slightly higher price, especially for Speedbox B
SizeCompact size, fits discreetly within motor coverCompact size, fits discreetly within motor cover
WarrantyPotential risk of voiding warrantyPotential risk of voiding warranty


Enter Peartune, a compact device that plugs directly into your motor and banishes the 25 km/h or 32 km/h speed limit (depending on your region). But that’s not all! Unlike some other tuning kits that mess with your display readings, Peartune ensures your speed and distance are accurately represented.

It’s a breeze to install and remove, without the need for additional apps or batteries. Peartune comes in two versions: 3.0 and 4.0. The main difference? Peartune 4.0 boasts a Bluetooth module, allowing you to take control of the tuning through a sleek smartphone app. With the app, you can adjust the speed limit, toggle between km/h and mph, and even update the firmware. Talk about high-tech thrills!


Now, let’s shift gears and explore Speedbox, another mighty contender in the tuning kit arena. Like Peartune, Speedbox annihilates the speed limit imposed on your Shimano EP8 e-bike. It also provides accurate speed and distance readings on your display.

How does it work? Simple! Just press the WALK button on your remote control, and you’ll be catapulted into a world of exhilarating speed. Speedbox, too, offers two versions: regular and B. The key distinction?

Speedbox B’s Bluetooth module connects to a fabulous smartphone app. This app elevates your riding experience, granting access to crucial information like battery status, motor temperature, power output, torque, cadence, and more. Plus, you have the freedom to customize tuning settings such as speed limits, activation methods, and display modes. Prepare to take control of your ride like never before!

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Which tuning kit reigns supreme?

The answer lies within your personal preferences and needs. Let’s consider a few factors:


Peartune holds the advantage here, with a slightly lower price tag, especially if you opt for the Bluetooth-less 3.0 version. However, both kits offer exceptional value compared to other alternatives on the market.


If space is at a premium on your e-bike frame, Peartune steals the spotlight with its compact size. Yet fear not, as both tuning kits are crafted to fit discreetly within your motor cover.


Brace yourself for a showdown! Both Peartune 4.0 and Speedbox B bring smartphone apps to the table, enhancing functionality and convenience during the tuning process. However, Speedbox B’s app appears to have an edge, boasting a broader range of features and information. Don’t fancy an app? Peartune 3.0 or Speedbox regular might be your perfect fit.


While both Peartune and Speedbox claim to be undetectable by Shimano’s diagnostic tools and leave no traces on your motor after removal, it’s important to acknowledge the potential risks. Using any tuning kit on your e-bike might void your warranty, so proceed with caution and assume responsibility.

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Peartune and Speedbox are fierce rivals, offering simple yet potent tuning solutions for e-bikes equipped with Shimano EP8 motors. With similar functions and performance, choosing between them boils down to your priorities. So, saddle up, weigh your options, and prepare for the electrifying ride of a lifetime! Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Choose wisely and embrace the thrill of unrestricted speed!

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