Shimano IC1 vs. IC2: Detailed Comparison

If you are looking for a pair of indoor cycling shoes, you might be wondering what are the differences between the Shimano IC1 and IC2 models.

Both shoes are part of the Shimano indoor cycling (IC) range, which is designed to offer breathability, comfort, and power transfer for indoor conditions. However, there are some key features that set them apart.

Here is a comparison of the Shimano IC1 and IC2 shoes based on the information from the official Shimano website.


The main differences between the IC1 and IC2 shoes are the compatibility with different pedal systems.

The IC1 shoes have five holes in their outsole, which makes them compatible with both SPD (off-road) and SPD-SL (road) pedals. You can use them with any popular pedal system, whether you prefer two-hole or three-hole cleats.

The IC2 shoes are compatible only with SPD pedals, which have a recessed cleat that sits flush with the outsole. This makes them more suitable for walking off the bike, as you won’t hear the clicking sound of the cleat on the floor.


Another difference between the IC1 and IC2 shoes is the weight.

The ic1 shoes are slightly lighter than the IC2 shoes, weighing 250g per shoe compared to 265g per shoe. This might not make a huge difference in performance, but it could affect your comfort and preference.

Some people might prefer a lighter shoe that feels more agile and responsive, while others might prefer a heavier shoe that feels more stable and durable.

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The IC1 shoes are cheaper than the IC2 shoes, selling for $90 per pair compared to $100 per pair. This might not be a big deal for some people, but it could be a factor to consider if you are on a budget or looking for a good value.

The price difference might reflect the different materials and features of the shoes, such as the compatibility and weight.


Despite these differences, the ic1 and ic2 shoes also have some similarities.

Both shoes feature Shimano’s Dynalast upper, which is designed to minimize strain on the foot and ankle by providing a smooth and efficient pedaling motion.

They have a wrap-around Velcro strap that crosses the mid part of your foot, providing a firm hold for optimal power transfer and comfortable adaptable arch support for a customized fit.

They also have durable mesh on top and a ventilated sole, which are designed to offer superior breathability and cooling for indoor conditions.

The IC1 and IC2 shoes have quick-drying materials that make them easy to wash and maintain.

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The Shimano IC1 and IC2 shoes are both great options for indoor cycling, but they have some differences that might suit different preferences and needs.

The IC1 shoes are more versatile in terms of compatibility, lighter in weight, and cheaper in price, while the IC2 shoes are more walkable in terms of cleat design, heavier in weight, and more expensive in price.

Depending on what you are looking for in an indoor cycling shoe, you might prefer one over the other.

You can find more information about these shoes on the Shimano website or check out some online reviews to see what other users think of them.

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