SRAM PG-1210 vs. PG-1230 – Choosing the Ultimate Gear Performance

When it comes to choosing a reliable and high-performance cassette for your mountain bike, SRAM offers a range of options to suit different riding styles and preferences. In this comparison, we will delve into the details of the SRAM PG-1210 and PG-1230 cassettes, highlighting their features, performance, and key differences.

SRAM PG-1210 Cassette:

The SRAM PG-1210 cassette is a popular choice among mountain bikers looking for a durable and affordable option without compromising on performance. Here are the key features and details of the PG-1210:

Gear Range:

The PG-1210 offers a wide gear range suitable for a variety of terrains. It typically comes in a 12-speed configuration with an 11-50T or 11-51T gear range. This range allows for both efficient climbing on steep ascents and high-speed pedaling on flat or downhill sections.


The PG-1210 cassette features a durable steel construction, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear. The steel cogs are designed to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, providing reliable shifting performance and durability.


The PG-1210 cassette is relatively lightweight considering its robust construction. While the exact weight may vary depending on the specific configuration, it is designed to strike a balance between strength and weight savings, making it suitable for a wide range of riding disciplines.


The PG-1210 cassette is designed for use with SRAM’s Eagle drivetrain system, which includes their 1×12 speed components. It is compatible with SRAM Eagle derailleurs, shifters, and chains, ensuring smooth and precise shifting performance.

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SRAM PG-1230 Cassette:

The SRAM PG-1230 cassette is a step up from the PG-1210, offering enhanced performance and features. Here’s what you need to know about the PG-1230:

Gear Range:

The PG-1230 cassette also provides a 12-speed gear range, typically available in an 11-50T configuration. This range offers a similar spread of gears to the PG-1210, allowing for efficient climbing and high-speed pedaling in various trail conditions.


The PG-1230 cassette features SRAM’s XG construction, which combines lightweight aluminum cogs with a durable steel cluster. This design balances weight savings and strength, resulting in a cassette that is both durable and efficient.


The PG-1230 cassette is designed to be lighter than the PG-1210 while maintaining durability. The aluminum large cogs contribute to the weight reduction, enabling riders to enjoy improved acceleration and overall bike performance.


Similar to the PG-1210, the PG-1230 cassette is designed for use with SRAM Eagle 1×12 drivetrain components. It is compatible with SRAM Eagle derailleurs, shifters, and chains, ensuring precise and reliable shifting performance.

Key Diafferences:


The main difference between the PG-1210 and PG-1230 cassettes lies in their construction. The PG-1210 features a steel construction throughout the cassette, providing durability and affordability. In contrast, the PG-1230 combines aluminum and steel cogs, resulting in a lighter weight without sacrificing strength.


Due to the difference in construction materials, the PG-1230 is generally lighter than the PG-1210. The weight reduction can contribute to improved acceleration and overall bike performance, especially during climbs or when navigating technical trails.


While both the PG-1210 and PG-1230 cassettes offer reliable shifting performance and a wide gear range, the PG-1230’s lighter weight can provide a slight advantage in terms of acceleration and overall bike agility. However, the PG-1210 still delivers solid performance and durability, making it a dependable choice for riders on a budget or those seeking a robust cassette for their mountain bike.

Intended Use:

The choice between the PG-1210 and PG-1230 may also depend on your riding style and preferences. If you prioritize weight savings and want to maximize your bike’s performance, the PG-1230 with its aluminum and steel construction may be the better option. However, if durability and affordability are more important to you, the PG-1210’s all-steel construction provides a reliable and cost-effective choice.

Comparison Table

FeaturesSRAM PG-1210SRAM PG-1230
Gear Range12-speed, 11-50T or 11-51T12-speed, 11-50T
ConstructionDurable steelAluminum and steel
WeightRelatively lightweightLighter weight compared to PG-1210
CompatibilitySRAM Eagle drivetrain componentsSRAM Eagle drivetrain components


Both the SRAM PG-1210 and PG-1230 cassettes offer reliable shifting performance and a wide gear range suitable for mountain biking. The PG-1210 stands out for its durable all-steel construction and affordability, while the PG-1230 offers a lighter weight with its aluminum and steel construction, resulting in enhanced bike performance. Consider your budget, riding style, and specific needs to choose the cassette that best suits your requirements. Remember to consult with local bike shops or online retailers for the latest pricing information and availability.

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