What is Shimano Parallax?

If you are a mountain bike enthusiast, you may have come across the term “Shimano Parallax” when looking for hubs or wheels. But what does it mean and why should you care?

Below, we will explore what Shimano Parallax is, how it works, and what are its benefits.

What is Shimano Parallax?

Shimano Parallax is a design style of Shimano’s mountain bike hubs that features a larger center section and smaller flanges. The name “Parallax” comes from the optical illusion that occurs when an object appears to change its position relative to another object as the observer moves. In this case, the hub seems to change its shape as the wheel rotates.

Brief History

The Parallax design was introduced by Shimano in the early 1990s and was used across their whole line of mountain bike hubs, from entry-level to high-end models. Some of the most popular Parallax hubs were the FH-MC18, FH-M737, FH-M900, and FH-M950.

How does Shimano Parallax work?

The main idea behind Shimano Parallax is to reduce the spoke tension difference between the drive side and the non-drive side of the rear wheel. This is achieved by increasing the distance between the hub flanges and decreasing the distance between the flanges and the center of the hub. This way, the spokes on both sides have more or less the same angle and length, resulting in a more balanced and durable wheel.

Another advantage of Shimano Parallax is that it allows for a wider cassette body and more gears on the rear wheel. The larger center section of the hub accommodates a longer freehub that can fit up to 11-speed cassettes. This gives riders more options for gearing and shifting.

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What are the benefits of Shimano Parallax?

Shimano Parallax hubs have several benefits for mountain bikers, such as:

Improved wheel strength and durability

By reducing the spoke tension difference, Shimano Parallax hubs prevent spoke breakage and wheel deformation caused by uneven stress. This makes the wheels more reliable and resistant to impacts and rough terrain.

Enhanced performance and efficiency

By allowing for more gears on the rear wheel, Shimano Parallax hubs enable riders to choose the optimal gear ratio for different situations and terrain. This improves pedaling efficiency and speed.

Easy maintenance and compatibility

Shimano Parallax hubs are easy to service and adjust, as they use standard tools and parts. They are also compatible with most mountain bike frames and forks, as they use standard axle sizes and spacing.

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Shimano Parallax is a smart and innovative design that improves the quality and performance of mountain bike wheels. If you are looking for a new set of wheels or hubs for your mountain bike, you may want to consider Shimano Parallax as an option. You can find Shimano Parallax hubs on eBay or other online platforms, or you can look for used or vintage wheels that feature them.

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