What’s the Next Most Used Tool for Bike Maintenance Other Than Hammer?

If you are a bike enthusiast, you probably know that a hammer is one of the most essential tools for bike maintenance. A hammer can help you loosen stuck bolts, adjust brakes, straighten bent parts, and more. But what’s the next most used tool for bike maintenance other than a hammer?

Here are some of the most essential ones, according to various sources:

Allen keys

One of the most useful tools for bike maintenance is a set of hex wrenches or Allen keys.

These are small L-shaped tools that fit into the hexagonal sockets of many bike components, such as stem bolts, seatpost clamps, crank arms, and pedals. Hex wrenches come in different sizes, usually ranging from 2 mm to 10 mm.

You can buy them individually or as a set that includes a holder or a multi-tool. Hex wrenches are handy for adjusting the fit and position of your bike, as well as replacing or repairing parts.

Tire Lever

Another tool that you should have for bike maintenance is a tire lever. This is a thin plastic or metal tool that helps you remove and install tires on your rims.

Tire levers have a curved end that hooks under the tire bead and a flat end that slides along the rim. You usually need two or three tire levers to change a tire.

These are essential for fixing flats, which are one of the most common problems that cyclists face. You should always carry a spare tube, a patch kit, and tire levers with you when you ride.

Chain Tool

A third tool that is very useful for bike maintenance is a chain tool. This is a device that allows you to break and join the links of your chain.

A chain tool has a handle, a pin, and two slots that hold the chain in place. To use a chain tool, you need to align the pin with the rivet of the chain link that you want to remove or insert.

Then, you turn the handle to push the pin through or out of the rivet. A chain tool is necessary for replacing or shortening your chain, which can wear out over time or break due to stress.

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Open End Wrenches

These are useful for adjusting nuts and bolts that are not compatible with Allen wrenches, such as those on your wheels, pedals, or brakes. You should have a set that ranges from 6 to 17 mm in size, depending on your bike model.

Chain Lube and Cleaner

After cleaning your chain, you should apply some chain lube to keep it running smoothly and prevent rust. You should also have some chain cleaner to remove old lube and dirt before applying new lube.

There are different types of chain lubes and cleaners for different riding conditions, so make sure you choose the right one for your needs.


You should always carry at least one spare tube with you when you ride, as you never know when you might get a puncture.

You should also check your tubes regularly for any signs of wear or damage, and replace them if needed. Make sure you have the right size and valve type for your wheels.

Tube Patch Kit

Sometimes, you may not have a spare tube or you may want to save it for later. In that case, you can use a tube patch kit to repair a small hole in your tube and continue riding. A tube patch kit usually consists of some patches, glue, and sandpaper to prepare the tube surface.

Floor Pump with Gauge

A floor pump is a must-have for inflating your tires to the right pressure before every ride. Underinflated or overinflated tires can affect your handling, comfort, speed, and safety on the road or trail.

A floor pump with a gauge can help you measure the exact pressure of your tires and adjust it accordingly.

You should also have a portable pump or CO2 inflator with you when you ride, in case you need to top up your tires on the go.

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Final Thoughts

These are some of the most used tools for bike maintenance other than a hammer. Of course, there are many other tools that can help you keep your bike in good shape, such as screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, spoke wrenches, cable cutters, grease, lubricant, and more. However, if you have these three tools – hex wrenches, tire levers, and a chain tool – you can perform most of the basic and common tasks that your bike needs.

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