Is Shimano R7000 Compatible with 6800?

If you are looking for a new groupset for your road bike, you might be wondering if Shimano R7000 is compatible with 6800.

Shimano R7000 is the latest version of the 105 series, while 6800 is the previous generation of the Ultegra series. Both are high-quality and reliable components, but can they work together?

The short answer is yes, Shimano R7000 is compatible with 6800, but with some caveats.

The main difference between the two groupsets is the design of the front derailleur and the shifters. Shimano R7000 has a longer arm and a different cable routing than 6800, which means that you need to use the matching shifter and derailleur for optimal performance.

If you mix and match the front components, you might experience poor shifting, chain rub, or even damage your components.

Rear Derailleur Compatibility

The rear derailleur and cassette are also slightly different, but they are still compatible. Shimano R7000 has a wider range of cassette options, from 11-25 to 11-34, while 6800 only goes up to 11-32.

If you want to use a larger cassette with 6800, you need to use a long cage rear derailleur (RD-6800-GS).

Shimano R7000 also has a new Shadow RD design, which reduces the profile of the derailleur and improves its stability.

However, both rear derailleurs use the same cable pull ratio and can work with either shifter.

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Crankset Compatibility

The chainrings and crankset are also compatible, as long as you use the same bolt circle diameter (BCD). Shimano R7000 and 6800 both use a standard 110 mm BCD for compact (50/34) and semi-compact (52/36) chainrings, and a 130 mm BCD for standard (53/39) chainrings. You can swap the chainrings between the two cranksets, or use the whole crankset as a unit.

Brakes Compatibility

They use the same dual-pivot design and cable pull ratio. Shimano R7000 has a new brake caliper design that offers more tire clearance and better modulation, but it can work with either brake lever.

Bottom Bracket and Pedals Compatibility

The bottom bracket and pedals are compatible too, as they use the same Hollowtech II system and SPD-SL standard. You can use any Shimano bottom bracket or pedal with either groupset.


Shimano R7000 is compatible with 6800, but you need to pay attention to the front derailleur and shifter combination. The rear derailleur and cassette are also slightly different, but they can work together.

The rest of the components are interchangeable, as long as you use the same specifications. Shimano R7000 offers some improvements over 6800 in terms of design, performance, and versatility, but both are excellent choices for your road bike.

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