Is Shimano RX100 Good?

Shimano RX100 is a groupset of bicycle components that was introduced in the late 1980s.

It was designed to offer a high-performance option for road bikes at a lower price than the top-of-the-line Dura-Ace and Ultegra groupsets.

Shimano RX100 groupset

The Shimano RX100 groupset consists of the following components:


The RX100 shifters are integrated with the brake levers, using the Shimano SIS (Shimano Index System) technology. This means that the shifting is indexed, meaning that each click of the lever corresponds to a precise gear change. The shifters have a smooth and light action, and can be adjusted for different hand sizes and preferences.


The RX100 brakes are dual-pivot calipers, which provide more braking power and modulation than the single-pivot brakes that were common at the time. The brakes have a quick-release mechanism that allows for easy wheel removal and adjustment. The brake pads are also replaceable and compatible with most rims.


The RX100 derailleurs are made of aluminum and steel, and have a sleek and elegant design. The front derailleur has a wide link design that improves shifting performance and reduces chain drop. The rear derailleur has a low-profile design that reduces the risk of damage from road debris. The derailleurs have a capacity of 28 teeth for the rear cassette and 16 teeth for the front chainrings.

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The RX100 crankset is a hollowtech design, which means that the crank arms are hollow and forged from aluminum. This reduces weight and increases stiffness and durability. The crankset has a standard 130 mm bolt circle diameter, and comes in various lengths and chainring combinations. The most common one is a 53/39 double chainring, which offers a wide range of gears for different terrains and speeds.


The RX100 cassette is a hyperglide design, which means that the sprockets have specially shaped teeth that facilitate smooth and fast shifting. The cassette comes in various sizes, ranging from 11 to 28 teeth. The cassette can be easily removed and replaced with a cassette lockring tool.


The RX100 chain is a narrow 8-speed chain, which is compatible with the RX100 cassette and other 8-speed cassettes. The chain has a special pin-and-plate construction that reduces friction and increases durability. The chain can be joined with a special connecting pin, or with a master link.


The RX100 pedals are clipless pedals, which means that they require special shoes and cleats to attach to them. The pedals use the SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) system, which is one of the most popular and widely used clipless systems in the world. The pedals have adjustable tension and release angles, and come with cleats and hardware.

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Advantages of Shimano RX100

The Shimano RX100 groupset offers many advantages for road cyclists who are looking for a reliable, high-quality and affordable option.

Some of the benefits are:


The RX100 groupset delivers smooth, precise and consistent shifting and braking performance, thanks to its indexed shifting, dual-pivot brakes, hyperglide cassette and narrow chain. The groupset also provides a wide range of gears for different situations, thanks to its 53/39 crankset and 11-28 cassette.


The RX100 groupset is made of durable materials, such as aluminum, steel and plastic, that can withstand wear and tear from regular use. The groupset also has a low-profile design that reduces the exposure to damage from road debris or crashes.


The RX100 groupset has a sleek and elegant design, with a silver finish that matches well with most frames and wheels. The groupset also has minimal branding and logos, giving it a clean and classy look.


The RX100 groupset is compatible with most road bikes that have standard dimensions and specifications. The groupset can also be mixed and matched with other Shimano components, such as Dura-Ace or Ultegra, as long as they are from the same generation (8-speed).

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Disadvantages of Shimano RX100

This groupset also has some drawbacks that should be considered before buying it.

Some of the disadvantages are:


The RX100 groupset is relatively heavy compared to other modern groupsets, weighing about 2.5 kg for the complete set. This can affect the overall weight and handling of the bike, especially for riders who are concerned about speed or climbing performance.


The RX100 groupset was discontinued in the early 1990s, and is no longer in production or widely available in the market. This means that finding new or replacement parts can be difficult and expensive, especially for rare or specific items. The groupset can also be incompatible with newer components or technologies, such as 9-speed or 10-speed systems, or disc brakes.


The RX100 groupset requires regular maintenance and adjustment to keep it in optimal condition. The groupset also has some parts that are prone to wear and tear, such as the brake pads, chain, cassette and cables. These parts need to be replaced periodically to avoid performance issues or damage.


The Shimano RX100 groupset is a good option for road cyclists who are looking for a high-performance, durable and affordable groupset that can handle various riding conditions and styles.

The groupset has a smooth and precise shifting and braking system, a wide range of gears, a sleek and elegant design, and a high compatibility with other Shimano components.

However, the groupset also has some drawbacks, such as its weight, availability and maintenance requirements, that should be weighed against its benefits before making a purchase decision.

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